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Readers Respond: What is the Worst Thing About Living in Houston?

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There are also plenty of aspects of living in Houston that drive people just about batty. There’s the traffic, the humidity, the zoning free areas (which makes for some unsightliness), the general massiveness of the city and more. It can add up quickly if you’re having one of those days. What would you say is the absolute worst? Share Your Reason

Don't like Houston much

Of course the traffic is bad as everyone else says. A lot of gangsters, and trashy people everywhere, so lots of crime. Bums hitting you up on every corner. Many many religious nuts. Everything is too spread out, so it takes forever to get anywhere. The heat and mosquitos are terrible. On the other hand, lots of jobs here (the only reason I'm here), good museums, some cool eclectic shops in certain areas. In a nutshell I'm eager to leave, just have to find a job in a better location.
—Guest JR

Yep its getting bad

I was born in Houston. Watched Beltway 8 take half of my parents front yard. Place is nothing but illegals, Katrina evacuees, ragheads and asians. Traffic sucks, pollution and allergens fill the skies, rude people everywhere.
—Guest Ldangler

6th generation Houstonian's POV

I no longer live there, but I grew up as a 6th generation Houstonian from 1968 to 1995, so forgive me if my opinions seem a little dated. My biggest beefs with living in Houston besides the obvious factors (weather, traffic, sprawl), were: A. that the city seemed to have no real sense of identity. To the youth it was "H-town". To the white collar set it was "the energy capitol". To the baby-boomers it was "space city". To the even older generations it was "the bayou city". Everybody I ever talked to there seemed to have very different and very conflicting views of the city. This tends to leave one feeling very unsettled and confused about where they live. B. The zoning thing. Sorry, but there's just no getting around that one. Having grown up in an older, pre-WW2, deed-restricted inner-loop neighborhood it wasn't as much of an issue, but once you go outside loop 610 it becomes very apparent, and very unattractive. Strip malls, next to huge apartment complexes, next to office buildin
—Guest Arnold Layne

Stop being so negative

Ya'll people ended up in the worsts parts of Houston. I live in the NW part of it and i love it! Traffic gets bad at certain parts of the day but if you don't use the highways or F.M. roads then getting around will be easy! Stay out of the ghetto and you'll be fine. Houston isn't the funnest place to be, so not good for tourism. But the economy here is better than the rest of the country and it really isn't that bad. And im not saying its the best city in the world, but its not the worst. And about the heat, i think that depends on the person, i'd much rather be in super hot weather than freezing weather and ive been in both. Humidity sucks, but at least u dont get cracked skin etc.
—Guest LePerson

re: Environment, etc.etc.

One excuse for not being environmentally oriented is that you get arrested soooo much and spend so much time in jail that when you get out you want to catch up with lost time, especially when you're innocent, they arrest you based on the statement of a bum loser despite the fact you have a Master's degree and you're only living in Houston because your mother came here to Teach for America to teach disadvantaged youth and you help her and also teach for America. Not here to get involved with anything dark and sinister, church-going people here and I've spent years behind bars based on Joe Blow and Josie Blows statement that I was (random hallucination). Yes, YEARS I've been in Harris county jail. They don't look into anything such as these 2 have records, no education at all and are on welfare and I'm here on a mission which I don't have to be at all, I'm not a bum from the north, I could be back in Connecticut where I come from, I have 2 degrees. So when I get out I have 2 much 2do
—Guest Been here 30 years

It is what it is...

There's absolutely nothing to do in this town. You either go to a bar, or you go to the mall...
—Guest Greene Slyme

Both dangerous AND boring?

I'm wondering the validity of a lot of statements here. It's true, we do have a lot of traffic, we live on the edge when it comes to weather, it's hot much of the time, but still, despite all the adversity, there's something about Houston that lets us stay at Number 4 in population of all the cities in the country. What do you think that factor is? I personally think it's the jobs and diversity available in the area as a whole. Part of the reason why Houston is such a populous city is because of the diversity. Think about it, Houston can't be defined as being a certain type of city. It's a mixture of "gays, grannies, and grandes" as well as conservatives and liberals, there's also the immigrants, the African-Americans, the second-generation Americans, we're a cluster around here! Then there are the jobs. We're one of the best, in terms of job opportunities, and as a traditional energy city, we will evolve! That's the best thing about this city in my opinion.
—Guest CftxP


All i have to say to this ignorant folks is to leave because they are the ones who make this city crap...leave leave leave we do not need people negatives
—Guest houston305


I moved to Houston from Little Rock,Ar in 2007 and 2012 of this I had to move back due to family help. But I loved Houston everything is there its nothing u want u cant find there. Its verrry spacious plus I made friends while out there and had an ok job but got laid off. But if u looking for culture shock it will definitely be that . But overall I loved it and Im really looking go back. Its more there for family and children to do plenty of parks ,museums free for the kiddies and plenty of events to attend for the kiddies and night clubs and lounges anfd I love the malls, outlet malls and hundreds of shopping centers. The food there is crazy good, seaffod all year round not expensive at all just a variety of restaurants . To me Houston is Lovely.I really really miss it .

Good Greif

For all of those people that say how there are too many Mexicans, don't you think your being slightly ignorant, I mean Texas used to be part of Mexico. That should be taught in every Texas history class. The people are nice, the weather is great I love the warmth even in the winter I cant stand the cold. I actually like the humidity Its refreshing in a way. I love the diversity and I pity those who don't. The only thing I dont like is the people who live here and hate it, if you dislike your surroundings just leave because amazing transportation technologies have developed since the middle ages maybe you should try them.
—Guest Guest Mufiin

Really crappy

Whare do I start? Just endless strip malls that look exactly the same. Wouldn't know that we lived in the USA, more like tiajuna, and I lived in san diego for 8 yrs. Nothing is pretty here. so tired of coming to a red light and having folks beg for money. The weather sucks and everyone one here seems to be under the illusion that this place is a big deal. Nasty, rude folks that all have a big chip on thier shoulders. And the drivers!! OMG! What he hell? Where are you going that you have to drive like a lunatic and put my life in harms way? This inspection of cars is a joke, alot of cars look like they shouldnt even be on the road. I cannot wait to get enough money to get out of this godforsaken city and I am going to tell everyone I know that Houston is the worst city I have ever been to and if youwere smart, never ever go there! This place is a cesspool.
—Guest betdeb

Crap Hole

the worst of the city of houston are the people making these post about illegals and other nonsense being the cause of your irrelevance in life. Don't blame the city for YOU SUCKING AT Life. GROW UP!
—Guest wow

hate it

lame shallow, superficial, boring young women. Mexicans takeing all the jobs. Thats all you see on construction sites. arrogant foreigners such as western asians. More concrete road craters than the moon. hot 9 months out of the year. Traffic jams out the ass even during non rush hours. Been living in this city all my life and It seems like houston gets worse and worse as time goes by
—Guest hate it

hate it

lame shallow, superficial, boring young women. Mexicans takeing all the jobs. Thats all you see on construction sites. arrogant foreigners such as western asians. More concrete road craters than the moon. hot 9 months out of the year. Traffic jams out the ass even during non rush hours. Been living in this city all my life and It seems like houston gets worse and worse as time goes by
—Guest hate it

Houston: The Taint of the USA

No knock against the good people I've met here & the ones I don't know, but this city is full of inbred, pretentious, stupid, elitist, immature and shady assholes. You see this shit from young & old alike. These fucks wrote the book when it comes to cliques too. They do it from everything from business to college to bars/clubs and this is just the adults! The fuckwits here are so backwater they make the hicks from Deliverance look like the Kardashians and yet are the first to talk shit about manners. These fuckers cut entire lines like it's normal and try to get bass in their voice when you get in their asses about it too. Motorists here drive like they're in a Grand Theft Auto/Saint's Row videogame. Many of the women here look like they're fresh out of the Bar from the first Star Wars movie but act like cunts whose shit don't stink. The drainage is horrible. A bad thunderstorm usually shuts the city down. If a hurricane, let alone a major one, hit this place it'd be beyond fucked.
—Guest Promoman

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What is the Worst Thing About Living in Houston?

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