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Readers Respond: What is the Worst Thing About Living in Houston?

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There are also plenty of aspects of living in Houston that drive people just about batty. There’s the traffic, the humidity, the zoning free areas (which makes for some unsightliness), the general massiveness of the city and more. It can add up quickly if you’re having one of those days. What would you say is the absolute worst?

Too Rude mexicans and central americans

I am a hispanic from South America, just moved to Houston, I thought I was going to meet nice, friendly and well manered mexicans or hispanics, but I was SO WRONG , mexicans, Salvatorians, here are the rudest, nasty and very unfriendly people !!!!!!! also so conceived for driving big "trokas" (trucks) the mayority of this people come from very poor ranchos and for them to drive a nice car makes them so "important" also the way they drive is horrible!!!!!!!! I have nothing against mexicans I guess the ones who come here come from "ranchos" not big cities in Mexico and this people lack in education White and black people are more friendly and respectful
—Guest Mary


A large portion of the complaints seem to be the illegal immigrants from other countries. Solve the problem by take charge of your city. AZ passed a very controversial bill which the federal government is trying to overturn. The problem is the critics of this bill are not listening to the VOTERS who passed the bill. If Houston/ Houstonian’s want to clean up there city, then start with your district house rep or you senators. Start the movement to require the illegal’s to pay in to the tax system and help support your city and your local government needs. People need to understand it is endless cycle of taking and never giving back, with illegals. The come to your city, sign up for state/federal assistance. This includes housing, food, & cash living expenses. These assistance programs are funded from OUR TAXES, so if the illegal person is taking this assistance and then working for cash and not contributing to taxes they are just TAKING from our countries generosity. With SB1070- the l
—Guest AZGAL

Houston is hells Asshhole

I was born and raised in this beat down city. I lived here for 30 years and Houston is by far one of the top 3 worst places to live. To damn hot, to much ill gotten mexicants,( thats right, can't! ) traffic,traffic,traffic, nothing great to do, to much thieves, pollution, heat, idiots, and more than half of houstons parasite popultaion is not even anywhere from this city!! We " Real America " need to send all illegals and New Orleans folks 180° back the other way. 20 years ago Houston was a prosperous city and now it's a town full of rats and I don't mean the furry ones. Houston tried making a name for itself my rescuing Katrina victims because the city had no reputaion and now New Orleans criminal rep is now ours. I need to leave this parasitr infrsted town and never look back. It's what I say it is.
—Guest GenErik

wah wah my pp hurts

You should b happy Houston is feeding you. Theirs oviously no jobs where your from thats why your ungreatful ass is here like so many of you sad sack foreigners. If you don't like my city get the fuck out.
—Guest beau

cry baby

Well leave mofo and stop crying about it take your ass up north amd drown in the snow punk.
—Guest ed


I feel like I'm in a third world country! Crime, crime, crime. Ghetto people everywhere! I hate Houston! Trust me, I would leave this second, if I could!
—Guest 68

Illegal aliens Houston

Illegal aliens have ruined Houston. They have ruined our schools. They have ruined our hospitals. They have ruined any chance of a 13-18 year old legal American having any kind of a blue collar job. They drive uninsured in there stolen and or tax payer paid for cars. The list goes on.... Yeah, Houston sucks.
—Guest icutmyownlawn

I Hate Houston

I've been here 1 year. I cannot believe how much crime there is! I hate it here! Husband was transferred here, so we can't leave. Everyone is foreign! I feel like I'm in another country! Can't wait to leave.
—Guest :(

EVERYTHING you need to know about HTOWN

It would be ignorant to completely blast or praise any one city in our country. I'd like to think that I am taking an unbiased approach, but I am not, however I will attempt to portray my opinion as such. A list of pros and cons in no particular order of importance: Pros: 1. Skyline is better than that of most cities 2. An extremely diverse city- Those Houstonians who choose not to ignore, can appreciate an array of different cultures 3. Food-The food here is freaking amazing! The only thing you cannot get here that I don't care what your arguing point is would be pizza. It doesn't exist, Franks, Pinks, that place on Washington are all horrid and should have an asterisk next the written word of "pizza" 4. Cheap to live here 5. Awesome Economy 6. The best hospitals and healthcare professionals in the nation Cons: 1. This place is HELL 2. It is hotter (heat index included) than every other major US city statistically since 2000. That even includes hotter than New Orleans!
—Guest HoustonIsHell

The ass-end of America

This city just sucks. The only thing I can say that is good is that the crime is going down. But too bad the city is run by gangs and immigrants and very few cops...The climate sucks. And The city is just ugly. Nothing good EVER happens down here.
—Guest Daniel Webb

Houston-too big for no damn reason

Houston sucks, I live west of there about an hour out but have to work, since this mega city is the only place jobs are. I 10 is a parking lot, they get all the rain... the little Texas gets in the south these days and everyone has to own a car, there are no other ways of getting around unless you work around the medical area. And the crime geez...you get your car broken into everyweek at some places. Homeless people are everywhere since Houston is a homeless haven. With tons of shelters and soup kitchens. Dallas is probably the best city in Texas, however the cops are really all over the place so watch out if you speed but in a good way it keeps the place nice. In Houston there are no laws when driving. Unless your in the HOV lane, way to go officer protecting the citizens from these criminals! There are no bad spots in Houston instead there are only some good spots. At least they are decent, maybe only one robbery per year?
—Guest jeff

No Snow in Houston

The weather is hot during the summer no doubt about it. I have been here 65 years and stay because we have no winter. You can fish, ride a motorcycle, and do most things all year long. I have a green lawn for 10 months out of the year. The gangs came from New Orleans, the aliens come from all over the world. We have crime, we have poor, we have trash, but we are one of the largest cities in America. We also have jobs, we have low housing cost, we have the Houston Medical Center, We have M.D. Anderson Cancer research Hospital, and two charity hospitals, Ben Taub, and LBJ Hospital. We are 50 miles from the Gulf and have 7 nice lakes within 50 miles of the City. We have bugs, but we have exterminators as well. The mayors we have are elected by the people. We have several of the largest Churches in America. Great food and great entertainment. We have the good, bad, and the ugly. But we also have Jesus. We have great opportunities to help others. God Bless you all

new yorker

Show us a picture of YOU, so we can critique you, we already know about NY, NY!
—Guest texas girl

new yorker

Show us a picture of YOU, so we can critique you, we already know about NY, NY!
—Guest texas girl

since I hate Houston so much, I want to

move. But since I can't pay the rent on $8/hour, I'm stuck living with mom and dad. This is the worst town ever.
—Guest gggg

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