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Readers Respond: Which is Your Favorite Beyonce' Song?

Responses: 8


Beyonce' is Houston's megastar musician. She's won Grammy's, sold million of records and starred on the big screen. That said, which of her songs is your absolute favorite? "Single Ladies"? "If i Were A Boy"? Let's hear it.

I Miss You

Short but Lyrically beautiful and deep. Vocals are on point and I get lost in the beat.
—Guest Tye Tye

Smash Into You

It's what I use to say when I was little, Beyonce re-awakens and expresses perfectly that deep feeling of how I still feel when I'm so excited and desire to be with Someone I really Love...
—Guest JoannofHtown


The entire B'Day album was off the chain...I can't just choose one song!
—Guest Marissa

halo's the best

my fave beyonce song is halo.because it is powerful,looks powerful & sound powerful.it's the best songs from i am sasha firece
—Guest maya .y.


Dangerously In Love is the best. The video for that was amazing.
—Guest BGirl

A Gift from Virgo

It's a pretty song about a girl liking a boy. Simple. Sweet. Charming.
—Guest KatrinaME


@Guest Kanye. That's funny. Well done. I'm partial to "No, No, No" with Wyclef from her Destiny's Child days.
—Guest Shea

I don't wanna interrupt, but...

Single Ladies. The video alone is the best thing ever.
—Guest Kanye

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