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Readers Respond: What are the best places to celebrate a kid's birthday?

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You've seen our list of the best places to celebrate a kid's birthday in Houston, now give us yours. Did a place you like to celebrate not make the cut? Tell us all about it below.


JohnT, we live in the city and do not have a backyard. We have been invited to a party place for every single friend our son has... It seems kind of inappropriate not to give him a party too since we dont have the space to do it at home.
—Guest Julia T

Not so easy...

@JohnT - My kid has a winter birthday which, granted, isn't that big of a deal in Houston. However, it makes it hard to do anything outdoors since we never know what the weather will be like in February, and I don't have a large enough house for my entire family to come to my kid's party.
—Guest Laurie C.

Popstar Your Party

Can't recommend popstaryourparty.com enough! Check out their website and listen to the quality of recording they produce. They definitely go the extra mile. The girls were delighted and really felt like stars for the day - me too!
—Guest Sophie

just a few others that I found

--Purplebox is a kid-oriented theater in Galveston - looks to have great parties. thepurpleboxtheater.com. --DanceGemz has a glam party for girly girls. --HelloGorgeous in Webster. (also girly girl) --Diva Dreams - Katy (for home parties.) We ended up renting a full karaoke system from karaoke4kids.com. (200$ for top pkg) we had a home-based spa/fashion show/dance and karoake party. cost was ultimately about the same neighborhood as most of the above venues by the time we added the extras for nail color and party favors. But we felt it was more bang for the buck - girls could play as long as they wanted to rather than have a 1 or 2 hr limit. @ above guest JohnT - MAN I wish! :)
—Guest Michael

Spa birthday party for girls

We had a party for my daughter at home and we turned our house into a Spa. The dining room was a facial station, the living room was a pedicure station with relaxing magazines like highlights and we finished up with a SPA lunch of fruit, turkey and ham cheese rolls and spritzer punch. We had cake and sorbet and the girls enjoyed their goodie bags with polish, lip smackers and bath salts. I had the girls bring a robe from home and I supplied headbands at each facial station. We played a spa cd and I had someone help me at each station. It was a big hit and the girls all had a great time!
—Guest Lisa

swimming party

swimming is a fun and good sport for your kids . come on down to wild wild wet singapore for your kids birthday.
—Guest sasha

The Antique Firehouse

We recently opened the Antique Firehouse in Humble. A fire themed facility to have a party for children of all ages. Future firefighters can dress in real looking bunker gear and pretend to ride on one of our 4 antique fire trucks to the fire. I am in awe at the imagination of a child. Your party is private, no other parties at the same time. So far we have had birthday parties, a bridal shower, inquires for a fire academy graduate party and a fire fighter retirement party. Each party has been unique. We are located in the Highway 59 / FM1960 area. Check out our website www.theantiquefirehouse.com or The Antique Firehouse page on facebook. Contact us at 281-540-4343 to create your perfect event.
—Guest t&r morrison

Party Ideas for Boys

My son loved his 9th Birthday Party. I paid (very reasonable) for a fencing party at http://www.sallemauro.com/ The kids had a blast and staff was very friendly. Cake/Drink area is very small, but it was still great. For his 10th b-day, he had a blast at http://www.texasrockgym.com/ for rock climbing. Party area was adequate, but a few (male) parents must participate to assist w/belaying or holding the ropes. Both were great fun - This year is either a Spy/Detective home party or a scuba diving party. We haven't decided.

Reasonable fun

A tumbling bus is an unique idea for birthdays that are in the winter... You also might want to try a pottery class!
—Guest Tc

Karaoke 4 Kids

Karaoke 4 Kids is a great birthday party solution at your location. They provide hosted shows with curtain & costumes, they will record the kids on a CD, and they can even make a music video!! They also have rentals that include everthing you'd need to throw your own party - including the curtain, costumes, and delivery! Check out their website at www.karaoke4kids.com and you can call them at 281-543-8272.

Home no.2

Why not figure out your son or daughter's favorite theme for a party and then search it on google to fing the best party places for that theme. I tried it, and it worked!
—Guest Elizabeth

Cooking Birthday Parties

Pizza party at Young Chefs Academy. Very educational, fun and entertaining. Check it out. www.youngchefsacademy.com/sugarland
—Guest Arlene


I feel like parents today try to hard with this stuff. What's wrong with a bar-b-que in the backyard? That's how we were raised.
—Guest JohnT
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