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Reader Reviews : Does A New Wal-Mart Mean New Crime?

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Many of the residents in the Heights, one of Houston's most popular residential areas, are hoping to prevent a new Wal-Mart from opening up in their neighborhood, and they're citing an inevitable increase in crime as one of the reasons why. Is there hypothesis correct: Do Wal-Marts attract crime?


I don't no why, but it seems Walmarts attract the criminals. A Walmart opened in Apple Valley, MN (a suburb of Minneapolis) several years ago after much protest from the community. Sure enough, the c…More

Yes, Yes It Does

This just goes to prove the absolute capability of our government elected officials and their lackies to put their own greed above their jobs. When you put community interest up against bribe money, …More

It Brings Traffic Too

I live within 50 feet of this lot. I love my neighborhood. There are schools, biking/running trails, restaurants, and nightlife. At this point I feel safe riding bikes in this area with my kids. If a…More

Wal-Mart brings crime and more

Wal-Mart brings crime, traffic, decreased property taxes and undermines the small businesses in the community. Also, it will suck tax money out of the city to do this. The mayor is already offering t…More

But of course

It's a 24 hour store known for having lax security, inside and out. Having worked in banking, I saw every stolen checkbook and credit card used at a Wal-Mart because employees are given no incentive …More

Of Course Wal-Mart Brings Crime

Of course WalMart brings crime. Just look at statistics, everywhere a WalMart opens, there is a massive increase in the crime rate. And, these statistics discount that WalMart does not even call the …More

If not Wal-Mart, then what?

I'm excited to have a new Walmart coming into our neighborhood. The crime numbers that have been shared are in very different neighborhoods and I assume that we would see higher crime numbers in a va…More

Wal-Mart brings crime

Studies show it means more crime, overall less jobs and lower wages. It's a shame that Walmart's customers are left to protect themselves not only in the parking lot but also in the store. The employ…More

Wal-Mart does bring in new crime

Wal-Mart does bring in new crime. The parking lots are not monitored by security. This allows raps, theft, sexual assaults to often occur. There was just a bank robbery in Tomball and in Sugarland. T…More

Of course Wal-Mart will bring crime

Of course a Walmart will bring crime. Find me a neighborhood in America where crime has not increased after a Walmart is built. Walmart is the worst at security. Super Walamrt as what is proposed her…More

Wal-Mart brings crime

I was at wal-mart and witnessed a robbery in the parking lot. When I yelled to the cart boy he told me that he was not allowed to abandon his job... not even to go inside to page the security officer…More

Wal-Mart Will Bring Crime

This is great timing considering a woman was robbed at the Wal-Mart at West Road in the window covering section, followed him out the store yelling at employees and security that she had just robbed …More

Wal-Mart Will Bring Crime

The statistics back up the crime issue. It’s a very simple thing to google “walmart + crime statistics” and find overwhelming evidence. It’s not an issue with ethnicity or eve…More

Wal-Mart Bring Crime, Same As Any Other Shopping Center

@ Piknchoose & (Author) Shea SerranoY’all both make very interesting and valid points. It’s true that developers typically have the upper hand over the citizens of Houston. It’s als…More

Wal-Mart Will Bring Crime and More

Pt. 2 of 2...How do we absorb all this extra traffic, not to mention the resulting air pollution? How will a development of this with the bayou or neighborhood drainage issues. Will greater volumes o…More

Wal-Mart Will Bring Crime and More

(pt. 1 of 2)@Piknchoose: While the community does not have a right to dictate who buys the land, it does have a right to demand traffic, environmental and other impact studies to determine how a reta…More

Wal Mart May Bring Crime, Same As Any Shopping Center

Any shopping center has a crime issue. Walmart may not have the best record. I am not sure when its going to sink in to the opponents of this project that they don’t have the right to choose th…More

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