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The Best Bike Trails in Houston

Burn a few calories at one of many Houston trails


Biking is a phenomenally uplifting activity. And despite Houston’s reputation for being one of the nation’s fattest cities, we’ve got a bunch of great biking trails in and around the city. Break out those bike shorts and hit them up.

1. Terry Hershey Park

Terry Hershey Park
The Anthills, which is the name of the bike trail here, is one of the best ones in town. It isn’t the hardest trail to make your way through (matter of fact, in and of itself, it’s fairly easy), but the course has bunch of fun little dips and whatnot. Also, the view is a big draw as well. Careful when it rains though. You will get all kind of muddy.

15200 Memorial Dr

2. George Bush Park

George Bush Park
The biking trail here could accurately be described as a warm-up course. It’s (about) two miles long, with no parts terribly difficult to traverse (save for a couple of uphill treks). Curiously, it is not loop shaped, so plan accordingly.

16756 Westheimer Pkwy

3. Memorial Park

Memorial Park
Though there are two trails to choose from at Memorial Park, the one you should check is the Little Cambodia trail. (The other trail, dubbed Ho Chi Minh, is usually frequented by the area’s runners/walkers.) First timers heed warning: Little Cambodia trail has some big drops, big turns, and lots of stuff to get caught up in.

6501 Memorial Dr
Houston, TX 77007

4. Cullen Park

Cullen Park
This one should probably be avoided by beginners. It’s 3.5 miles of paved (easy) twists, turns, ditches, so on and so forth. Even still, be on your toes for roller bladers. Oh, those wily roller bladers.

19008 Saums Rd

5. Buffalo Bayou Bike and Hike Trails

Buffalo Bayou
This one is twenty miles of urban biking and/or hiking. It’s only somewhat hilly, and shouldn’t pose too many problems (besides the whole 20 miles long thing), but be careful not to accidentally ride into the bayou. That’d probably not be pleasant.

500 Allen Parkway

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