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The Best Yoga Centers in Houston


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The Best Yoga Centers in Houston
YogaOne Studios is comprised of two locations in Houston's Midtown. Perhaps most well-known for its Hot Yoga (or Bikram Yoga) courses, YogaOne Studios offers a wide range of yoga forms for the beginner student as well as the most seasoned yogi. Amenities include locker rooms, showers, free and plentiful parking and an in-house boutique for purchasing yoga gear.

Specials and Rates:
Single Class - $17
Class rate decreases when purchased in larger quantities.

-Teachers, firefighters, yoga instructors, students under 25 and peace officers receive 10% off regular tuition rates.
-First-time yoga students (must live in the Houston area) receive 10 free consecutive days of unlimited yoga for $10

3030 Travis St.

3225 Milam St.

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