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Parking at Reliant Stadium on Houston Texans Game Days

Everything you need to know to safe parking at Reliant Stadium


Parking at Reliant Stadium on Houston Texans Game Days
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Parking at Reliant Stadium

To park at Reliant Stadium on the day of a Houston Texans game, you must have a parking pass. There is no cash parking at Reliant Stadium for Houston Texans games. The parking passes can be purchased through Ticketmaster when you purchase your game ticket. You also receive a parking pass for every game when you purchase season tickets.

If you do not have a parking pass, then your best option is to take the Metrorail, which stops at the stadium on Fannin Street.

How Much Does A Metrotail Ticket Cost And Where Do I Park My Car?

The Metrorail costs $1.25 each way, and the Metrorail tickets can be purchased by cash or by credit card at each station. Parking for the Metrorail can be found just south of the stadium at a Metro parking lot on West Belfort at Fannin. There are also various paid parking lots and garages along the rail route, primarily in downtown Houston and in the Medical Center.

I Have A Reliant Stadium Parking Pass. Now What?

If you have a parking pass, your parking location will be determined by the color of the pass. The lots are color coded and they surround the stadium, though multiple lots are blocks from the stadium and will ensure a long walk to and from the stadium.

Information regarding the various parking lots locations can be found by going to the Houston Texans website. There are also numerous signs dotting the roads and freeways around Reliant Stadium directing to fans to the appropriate parking lots.

Houston Texans Website

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