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Slideshow: Barack Obama Visits Houston, TX


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Barack Obama - Obama Speaks
Slideshow: Barack Obama Visits Houston, TX
Win McNamee/Getty Images
Few will argue the importance of Barack Obama's victory in his bid for the Presidency of the United States. It will, without question, monumentally impact the trajectory that the history of the world follows from here on out. And back in March, 19,000 Houstonians were gathered together in the Toyota Center to partake in the event.

While Obama ultimately did not win Texas's endorsement in its entirety, it was the first time in recent memory Texas played such a critical role in determing the Presidency, and the night proved to be meaningful for those that attended nonetheless. Thankfully, photogs Win McNamee and Dave Einsel (of Getty prominence) were around to snap a shot or two. Click through to relive one of, if not the, most historic moments of Houston's 2008.

Grading the President - How Well (or Poorly) has President Obama done thus far? Houstonians sound off.

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