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Downtown Houston Restaurants

The ten best restaurants in downtown Houston, TX


There are hundreds of downtown Houston restaurants. From hole-in-the-wall haunts to award-winning upscale restaurants, this is a listing of the ten eateries that any food hound should make a point to see.

1. Vic and Anthony’s

Vic and Anthony's
Vic and Anthony’s is an upscale steakhouse in downtown Houston. It has won all kinds of awards, including Top 10 Restaurant in Houston from Zagat and Best Steakhouse from the Houston Press. In addition to the noteworthy, they also have a star line-up of wines.

1510 Texas

2. McCormick and Schmick’s

McCormick and Schmick's
After eating at the McCormick and Schmick’s in Uptown Park only once it became one of my favorite upper mid-level seafood restaurants in town. Friendly staff, mostly non-smarmy atmosphere, and quality food.

1201 Fannin

3. Last Concert Café

Last Concert Cafe
This Mexican food palace gets the nod based on cultural merit alone. It’s been around for seemingly ever (opened as a restaurant in 1949) and has built up a fine resume’ of famous namedrops and in-the-know peccadilloes. That said, the food is pretty good itself as well. (Not to mention the live music they offer.)

1403 Nance

4. Voice

Guided by the talented hands of Chef Michael Kramer, you can expect a fine selection of things like Gulf Red Snapper and Herb Marinated Rack of Lamb. Bring your wallet. They are proud of their food.

220 Main (inside Hotel Icon)

5. Yatra Brasserie

Yatra Brasserie
This is probably one of the better Indian restaurants in the entire city, let alone downtown. It’s okay if you’re unfamiliar with Indian cuisine (I’m completely lost) because there’s not much on the menu that isn’t quality. I will recommend the Yatra Crab Cakes though. Those things I know to be great.

706 Main

6. Sambuca Jazz Café

Same as Last Concert Café made the list because of its cultural significance, Sambuca’s inclusion is made necessary because of the great music that compliments the American cuisine. Stop by during happy hour if you’re hesitant, as they offer $7 smaller versions of certain meals.

909 Texas

7. Zydeco Louisiana Diner

Zydeco Diner
This is one of those places that you almost makes you feel cooler just for knowing about it. The lunch time crowd (open from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. during the week) is usually crazy, but service is always quick. Do not miss out on the award-winning mashed potatoes. They’re way better the ones you get from Popeye’s.

1119 Pease

8. Irma’s Restaurant

Irma's Restaurant
This is a quirky Mexican restaurant with great fajitas. And if I remember correctly, they don’t even have menus, you just sort of cross your fingers and hope. All in all, it’s a solid place to stop before making your way over to see the Astros give up an eighth inning lead.

22 N. Chenevert

9. Perbacco

Personally, I’m not a big Italian food guy, which makes their inclusion here reason enough for you to visit this place. I didn’t get too creative with my order (lasagna, of course), but that was really good.

700 Milam

10. Hubcap Grill

Hubcap Grill
This is another one of those little hole-in-the-wall places that probably seems better than it actually is simply because it’s a hole-in-the-wall. But if you’re for that (and honestly, I do feel like that’s part of the restaurant experience), this burger joint is a must visit.

1111 Prairie

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