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Houston Gay and Lesbian Nightlife


Ask any Houstonian where to find the most entertainment catered to the Gay and Lesbian community and they'll quickly respond: Montrose. And while the Montrose area does own the lot of gay-friendly real estate, there are a few other options for gay nightlife throughout the city. We've included them in our list of gay and lesbian bars and clubs below.

2306 Genesse St.

Meteor is the Montrose-area's first gay video lounge. It is also the first and only gay bar where you'll find scantily-clad go-go dancers performing their moves in an actual shower. No cover charge is required and happy hour is from 4 p.m. to 9 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday.

Ripcord Bar
715 Fairview

Ripcord has been Houston's go-to spot for the gay Leather and Levi community for over two decades. Located in the Montrose area, Ripcord also houses Black Hawk Leather, a gay and lesbian gift shop.

Chances Lesbian Bar
1100 Westheimer

Chance's Bar in the Montrose neighborhood is a full-service bar, live music venue and dance club under one rood. Expect to experience music ranging from country western to hip-hop in three separate rooms within the venue. Enjoy high-end martinis in the new Chi-Chi Martini Bar.

South Beach
810 Pacific St.

South Beach, centered in the heart of the Montrose district, is a state-of-the art dance club that boasts a full color laser light show and liquid ice jets. Extended hours until 4 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays sets this venue apart from others of its kind.

JR's Bar and Grill
808 Pacific St.

JR's is a relaxed neighborhood gay bar in the Montrose area. Come here to grab dinner catch a drag show or try your hand at karaoke. Sit out on the patio for a highly-entertaining evening of people-watching.

Brazos River Bottom
2400 Brazos St.

Houston's largest gay country and western club, Brazos River Bottom is located in the Midtown area. The venue houses three full bars and offers free dance lessons on Thursday evenings.

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