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Washington Avenue Bars, Restaurants and More

A list of ten places to visit on the Washington Avenue strip in Houston, TX


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Houston's Washington Avenue

Beginning in 2007 with the arrival of then-nightclub superpowers The Drake, Citizen Lounge and Pandora, Washington Avenue (also referred to as Washington Corridor) has blasted to the top of the Trendy Nightlife Mountain. It is now home to numerous bars, clubs, restaurants, wineries and more.

For those of you that happen to be unfamiliar with the area though would still like to lollygag around a bit over there, the fine folks over at Visit Houston Texas have offered up this eclectic list of places you should start with.

Walter's on Washington
4215 Washington

One of Houston's last true rock clubs, Walter's is where indie heroes-in-the-making MGMT, The Hold Steady, and Fleet Foxes first played to Houston audiences. Cover charges here typically aren't much higher than $10 or so. Come as you are.

Darkhorse Tavern
2207 Washington

Situated in a narrow 1920's-era space, this dimly-lit, no-fuss neighborhood bar attracts a more laid-back crowd with its dartboards and eclectic jukebox tunes.

Catalan Food and Wine
5555 Washington

Expect wild, inspired dishes. Chef Chris Shepherd lures in diners with his inventive, always-changing menu that includes Southern, Mexican, Vietnamese and Mediterranean influences. Sommelier Antonio Gianolo's wine list is considered the best in the nation.

2310 Decatur (off of Washington)

With a menu that focuses on Texas coastal cuisines and playful (but serious) cocktails and beer, Beaver's takes the traditional Texas icehouse to another level. Think gastropub meets Texas icehouse.

Taps House of Beers
5120 Washington

At Taps, $20 will get you 100 ounces of one of 93 draft selections, in a "beer tube" with a spigot you take to your table. Another way to say that last sentence: $20 will get you absolutely plastered.

1919 Washington

Houston's eco-ist holistic, organic bar focuses on quality drinks with local, organic ingredients and no syrups or mixes.

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