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Museum District Houston - Neighborhood Profile

A guide to the Museum District in Houston, TX


Museum District Houston - Neighborhood Profile
Museum District
Museum District at a Glance:

Houston’s famed Museum District is a gathering of museums and arts and culture centers. It is committed to providing Houstonians with an opportunity to experience some of the world’s most unique exhibit.

Museum District on the Map:

Generally speaking, the Museum District is bound by Rice University, Texas Medical Center, and Montrose.

Museum District Museum:

The Museum District, whose origins are traced back to 1977, is now home to 18 different museums, ranging from the renowned Museum Natural of Science to the Czech Center Museum Houston to the John C. Freeman Weather Museum. Non-museum attractions include the Houston Zoo, Hermann Park, Clayton Library Center for Genealogical Research and the Rothko Center.

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According to the Houston Museum District Association, now the governing body of the Museum District, more than 8.7 million people visit annually.

There are multiple programs in the Museum District that one can take advantage of, including an annual Museum District Day, wherein museums allow patrons free entrance, Educators Open House, designed to allow educators to learn about school-related programs at various museums and more.

Several of the museums are always free, including The Menil Collection, Rice University Art Gallery and Holocaust Museum Houston. Most others allow free access on various.

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For ease of access, the Museum District is served by Houston’s METRORail.

Museum District Photo Gallery:

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