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Historic Homes Tour Galveston


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Galveston Historical Foundation's Historic Homes Tour 2009
Historic Homes Tour Galveston
Galveston Historical Foundation
Put on by the Galveston Historical Foundation, the Historic Homes Tour Galveston is an event wherein tourists and locals are treated to a tour of some of Galveston's most storied homes.

This year's tour, appropriately enough, is dubbed the Calamity Tour and will feature homes that have survived Hurricane Ike and the storm of 1900, as well as several that were built as replacements following the fire of 1885.

The tour takes place the first two weekends in May. You can purchase the tickets via the Galveston Historical Foundation's site here.

The fine folks at GHF were polite enough to pass along a few photos of some of the homes that will be part of the tour this year, as well as a brief descript of each. Click on through to check them out.

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