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Things to See and Do in Houston, TX

15 Houston attractions guaranteed to put a smile on your face


Things to See and Do in Houston, TX
Bayou Place
There are hundreds of things to do in the Houston area. Countless opportunities for cultural enrichment, upscale shopping, water adventure and just about everything in between are at an uncountable number of Houston attractions.

So much of choosing what you would most enjoy experiencing in Houston depends on the time of year you plan to visit, the number and ages of your traveling companions and whether or not you will be relying on public transportation.

Being the fourth largest city in the nation, it would take weeks to visit every interesting attraction Houston has to offer, so I have selected the Houston attractions that (I believe) are the best.

Are you looking for things to do in Houston for guests that are coming to visit? Are you new to the Houston area and want to know which attractions are must-see? Or are you a native Houstonian who wants to rediscover the city. Whatever your objective, this list is sure to equip you with plenty of options for keeping yourself and your guests entertained. Here's the list, put together in no particular order.

15 Must-See Houston Attractions

Bayou Place

Located in the heart of Houston's Downtown Theater District, this 130,000 square foot entertainment megaplex is comprised of theaters, bars, lounges, and restaurants. Start the evening off with dinner at the legendary Hard Rock Café or the authentic Italian trattoria, Mingalone. Enjoy box office hits or catch the latest indie flick at the Angelika Film Center followed by drinks and dancing at ROCBAR, Houston's largest rock and roll nightclub. Perhaps the most frequented member of the Bayou Place family is the Verizon Wireless theater. This site has been voted by the Houston Press as Best Live Music Venue for 3 consecutive years. Verizon has been host to such acts as John Legend, B.B. King, and Kathy Griffin. Valet parking is offered daily for $3 during lunch hours, $5 during the week and $8 on weekends. There are also several self parking spaces and garages at the Rusk, Capitol, and Texas entrances. Prices for self parking range from $5 to $8.

Houston Galleria

The Galleria Houston, Texas's largest mall, is an upscale shopping mall centrally located just outside the 610 loop in Houston's Uptown District. The retail center is anchored by Macy's, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom and Saks Fifth Avenue, and occupies such high-end tenants as Tiffany and Co., Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Yves Saint Laurent. The mall is also home to two separate Westin hotels. The Houston Galleria is known for it's beautiful architecture. The entire original section of the mall rests beneath a glass atrium. In March of 2003, the Galleria expanded for the third time since its conception, making it the fourth largest mall in the nation. The Houston Galleria also houses the Westin Hotel, one of the city's rare AAA, 4-diamond locales. They offer such lavish amenities as an in-room spa treatment, Westin's signature Heavenly Bed and Bath and an extensive SuperFoodsRx menu.

Johnson Space Center

The Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, home of the NASA astronaut corps, is located in Southeast Houston. The center spans 1,620 acres and consists of 100 facilities. Tourists can experience a simulation of a zero-gravity environment in the Living in Space exhibit or encounter a virtual rocket launch complete with exhaust at the Blast Off Theater. Experience the exhilaration of witnessing an actual shuttle take flight at the Johnson Space Center. During thee times, every television screen on the premises is tune to the live images of mission control. Manned rockets are very soon to be a thing of the past so affording the opportunity to experience this is history in the making.

15 Houston Attractions Not To Miss On Your Visit To Town
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