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The Best Pizza In Houston

Do these places really have the best pizza in Houston?


The Best Pizza In Houston
There's a reason that Houston is a perrenial contender for the America's Fattest City title: because food is awesome. Whether it be Chinese or Mexican that you're looking for, Houston will have a stellar version of it. The city has long been recognized for its eateries. Listed in no particular order, these are the ten places that sport the Best Pizza in Houston tag.

Double Dave's Pizza Works

If you're looking for a pizza buffet minus the 40 end-of-season Little League celebrations, then Double Dave's is your place. Ten bucks gets you unlimited pizza, salad, pepperoni bread and soft drinks. Come by on Tuesday nights when you get two pepperoni pizzas for the price of one.

3879 SW Freeway

Star Pizza

This charming pizzeria is located in the Upper Kirby district. Menu specialties include the Chicken Alfredo and Salsa Verde pizzas. Choose either hand-tossed, Ney York style or deep-dish Chicago styled options on either a white or whole wheat crust.

2111 Norfolk

The Bombay Pizza Co.

An Italian favorite with an Eastern influence is what you'll find at Bombay Pizza Co. With pies named the "Slumdog" and the "Gateway of India", you're pretty much guaranteed to have a unique pizza experience. Bombay's downtown location makes this place a great lunchtime option.

914 Main St.

Russo's New York Pizzeria

NY Pizzeria (my personal favorite) is a Houston chain restaurant with authentic New York taste. Thin, foldable crust, light sauce, and gigantic slices - these folks hit the nail on the head. Try the lunch special: a large slice and a soft drink for under 6 bucks!

4870 Beechnut

Dolce Vita

Located in the eclectic Montrose area, Dolce Vita prides itself on both its outstanding customer service and close resemblance to authentic Italian cuisine. An extensive wine menu, warm decor and valet service make this prime date-night territory.

500 Westheimer

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