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Galleria Houston - Houston Galleria Mall

Houston's number one tourist attraction


Galleria Houston - Houston Galleria Mall
Galleria Mall Houston

The Galleria Houston (713.622.0663), sometimes referred to as Galleria Houston, is located in the Uptown Park section of Houston. It is also recognized as being part of River Oaks.

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Galleria Houston is the number one tourist attraction in the city. It receives more than 24 million visitors annually. There are more than 375 stores inside, ranking it the seventh largest mall in the nation. It was opened in 1970, expanding several times since.

In addition to the shopping, Galleria Houston also features an arcade, an ice skating rink, office towers, two Westin Hotels and dining that ranges from Ninfa’s Mexican Restaurant to The Rainforest Café.

Shopping in The Galleria also has an expansive range, reaching from top shelf sellers like Gucci, Neiman Marcus and Cartier to hipster hotspots like Urban Outfitters and Journeys to video game headquarters to computer stores to makeup stores and so on. What ever it is you’re looking to buy, chances are you’re going to find it at The Galleria.

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