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Houston History, Landmarks & Attractions

From Houston's oldest bar to the newest touristy hotspot, here you can explore the city's significant landmarks and attractions, as well as its storied past.

Pleasure Pier
A profile of Galveston Island's Pleasure Pier

Best Pumpkin Patches in Houston

Houston Arboretum and Nature Center
A profile of the Houston Arboretum and Nature Center

Labor Day Houston 2012
A list of things to do over Labor Day weekend

Armand Bayou Nature Center
A profile of Armand Bayou Nature Center

Saint Arnold Brewery

Downtown Aquarium
A profile of the Downtown Aquarium

Kemah Boardwalk
A profile of the Kemah Boardwalk

10 Free Things To Do This Summer
A list of 10 free things to do this summer in Houston

Dewberry Farm
A profile of Dewberry Farm

Photos from Scream World
A collection of images taken at Scream World

Hermann Park
A profile of Hermann Park

Haunted Buildings in Houston
A slideshow of haunted buildings in Houston

Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus
A slideshow of images taken at the Ringling Bros and Barnum and Bailey Circus

Celebrate Father's Day in Houston
Ways to celebrate Dad this Father's Day

Houston Summer - Summer In Houston - Houston Summer Activities
Houston Summer - Summer In Houston - Houston Summer Activities

Houston Hotels and Motels
A list of hotels and motels in the Greater Houston area.

Profile of the Hobby Center for the Performing Arts in Houston
Planning a trip to Hobby Center for the Performing Arts? Curious to know about parking downtown, or what is or isn't allowed at the Hobby Center? This document will help.

Discovery Green Park
Planning a trip to Discovery Green Park, one of the best parks in Houston? Curious to know about parking downtown, or what is or isn't allowed? This document will help.

The Best Pizza In Houston
Houston is a city that runs on food and pizza ranks high among Houstonian's favorites. Here's a list of the ten places that have the best pizza in Houston.

Things to See and Do in Houston, TX
Looking for things to do in Houston? These 15 Houston attractions should keep you plenty busy.

A Guide to the Houston Zoo
A guide to the Houston Zoo in Houston, TX

Galleria Houston - Houston Galleria
A quick rundown of the Galleria Houston

A Guide to Bayou Place Houston
A guide to Bayou Place in downtown Houston's Theater District.

Top 10 Houston Attractions
A listing of the ten best Houston attractions

Movies Filmed in Houston
Though it's no Hollywood, Houston has long been a favorite among movie directors as a location for their movies. With due respect to Twins, Robocop 2, and Rutger Hauer's cinematic masterpiece Blind Fury, here are the ten best movies filmed in Houston.

Best Nature Centers in Houston
Looking for an engaging, outdoorsy (and, perhaps most importantly, cheap/free) activity for you and the family this summer? Head over to one of the stellar nature centers Houston has to offer.

The Best Wedding Venues in Houston
Planning a wedding? You'd do well to check out any of this list of the best wedding venues in Houston.

Historic Homes Tour in Galveston
A slideshow of some of the homes featured in Galveston's 35-year-old Historic Homes Tour.

Houston Tourist Attractions - Houston CityPass
A description of CityPass, a coupon booklet programs that offers discounted admission to eight of Houston's biggest tourist attractions.

The 10 Best Houston Museums
A listing of the ten best Houston Museums

The Museums of Houston
A listing of the museums located in Houston, Texas.

Houston Attractions
Danno Wise is the writer at About's Go Texas site. Poke around there, he's got some good stuff there. This link will take you to his top 10 Houston Attractions, which include the Buffalo Soldier Museum, the Holocaust Museum and Scores Strip Club. Just kidding about Scores, but the Children's Museum is on there, and that's pretty much the same.

Houston History
A chronicling of Houston's storied history, including a very thorough decade by decade chronicling (which is it a hit at parties, I'm sure).

Houston Zoo
Did you know that Houston's first zoo (pre-1920s) had really exotic animals like racoons and rabbits as exhibits? If I was alive back then, and I wanted to see a rabbit, I probably would've, oh, I don't know, gone outside. Good thing Houston Zoo circa 2008 has over 4,500 animals. Hit their site to find info on memberships, wildlife information and educational activities.

San Jacinto Monument
Identified by its 570 foot height and 220 ton crowning star (which does not seem excessive at all), the impressive San Jacinto Monument commemorates the back-to-back NBA Champion Houston Rockets of the early nineties. Or is it the Battle of San Jacinto it commemorates? I've always been confused about that, but it's definitly one of those.

St. Arnold's Microbrewery
How's this for a just-for-dad tour stop: St. Arnold's, Houston's first microbrewery, offers $5 45 minute tours that end with a complimentary glass and hour long (free) beer tasting. You're welcome.

Art Galleries
A list of fine art galleries in Houston

Houston Christmas Tree Farms
A list of Christmas tree farms in Houston.

Houston's Best Romantic Photo Shoot Locations
A list of places to take romantic photos

Unique Things To Do in Houston
1940's Air Terminal Museum

Splash Town Houston

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