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Texas Driver's License

How to renew (or apply for) a Texas Driver's License


Texas Driver's License

Unless you're 16 and fresh out of Driver's Education, the thought of applying for or renewing your Texas driver's license is about as pleasant as anticipating a double root canal. No matter how many times we've successfully accomplished the task, we scramble around to make certain we have all we need to avoid making any additional trips to the Department of Public Safety.

Whether you're one of the first-timers, you've recently relocated to Texas or you're a victim of a wallet theft, this guide will tell you everything you need to know to get your Texas Driver's License (TDL).

Requirements for All Applicants

1. You MUST apply in person

2. Present either ONE of the following pieces of primary identification:

previously issued TDL or ID card
current U.S. Passport
foreign passport with a visa

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Or TWO of the following pieces of secondary identification:

birth certificate (original or certified copy)
Department of State Certification of Birth Abroad (original or certified copy)

Or ONE primary ID and TWO of the following pieces of supporting identification:

School records
Insurance policy (valid continuously for the past two years)
Vehicle title
Military records (Form DD 214)
Original or certified copy of marriage license or divorce decree
Voter registration card (actual card)
Social Security card (actual card)                                                                                           Pilot's license (actual card)                                                                                               Concealed handgun license (actual card)

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Temporary receipt for a Texas DL or ID (actual receipt)
Unexpired photo DL or photo ID issued by a U.S. state
Expired DL or ID issued by another U.S. state
Texas Inmate ID card issued by TDCJ

3. Present proof of Social Security Number

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4. Present proof of Texas vehicle registration and liability insurance on all vehicles you own.

5. Pass the written, driving and vision examinations**

6. Pay the required fee with cash, money order, or a non-temporary check only.

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**As of March 1, 2010, driver license applicants between the ages of 18 and 24 must complete an approved driver education course and a driving skills test to become a licensed driver in Texas.

Continue through for fees, requirements for 18-year-olds and more.
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