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Swine Flu in Houston

A guide to Swine Flu symptoms and prevention


Swine Flu is in Houston, that is a fact. This is a guide with basic information regarding Swine Flu symptoms and prevention.

Swine Flu "refers to influenza caused by those strains of influenza virus, called swine influenza virus (SIV), that usually infect pigs."

The strain that is currently being passed around between humans is a called H1N1 and is similar to to the Swine Flu that infects pigs, though not exactly the same. As of May 4th, there were 226 confirmed cases of H1N1, 40 of which were in Texas, and one of which resulted in death.

Symptoms of H1N1

The presence of Swine Flu can only be determined by lab tests, but it is generally reported that the symptoms are similar to that of the regular flu.

Possible Swine Flu Symptoms

Muscle Ache or Pain
Joint Pain
Sore Throat
Runny Nose
Loss of Appetite

Swine Flu Warning Signs in Children

Trouble Breathing
Behavior Changes
Increased Restlessness
Isn't Drinking Enough Fluids
Skin Races
An Uncomfortable State

Is Swine Flu in Houston?

Unfortunately, yes. Matter of fact, the one death that has occured on US soil credited to Swine Flu happened in Houston. Several schools among Houston's many districts have closed down temporarily in hopes of curbing the spread of H1N1.

Which Schools in Houston's Are Closed Down?

Here are the links to the districts in Houston and its surrounding areas that have closed down because of the virus.

Houston ISD
Aldine ISD
Cypress Fairbanks ISD
Waller Independent ISD
Fort Bend ISD
Goose Creek ISD
Willis ISD
Barbers Hill ISD


Mainly, you'll want to wash your hands regularly using either (1) warm water and soap, for at least 20 seconds, or (2) a hand sanitizer that contains at least 60 percent alcohol. Beyond that, you'll want to follow the same routine you would were you trying to avoid getting the regular flu.

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