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Houston Average Monthly Temperatures

Houston Weather Information


Downtown Houston, Texas
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If you've ever spent a significant amount of time in Houston, you have discovered that this city does not experience four seasons, just varying degrees of summer.

Winter (I use the term lightly) falls between January and March and usually requires nothing heavier than a pea coat and scarf. Summers (April through December) are hot, humid and often rainy. If planning to travel to Houston during these months, sunscreen and shorts are a must.

Here you'll find a month-by-month listing of average temperatures Houston, Texas.


Average high temperature: 63
Average low temperature: 45
Warmest ever: 85
Coldest ever: 10
Average precipitation: 4.25 in.


Average high temperature: 67
Average low temperature: 48
Warmest ever: 87
Coldest ever: 14
Average precipitation: 4.25 in.


Average high temperature: 74
Average low temperature: 55
Warmest ever: 96
Coldest ever: 22
Average precipitation: 3.19 in.


Average high temperature: 79
Average low temperature: 61
Warmest ever: 94
Coldest ever: 22
Average precipitation: 3.46 in


Average high temperature: 86
Average low temperature: 68
Warmest ever: 98
Coldest ever: 44
Average precipitation: 5.11 in


Average high temperature: 91
Average low temperature: 74
Warmest ever: 101
Coldest ever: 56
Average precipitation: 6.84 in


Average high temperature: 94
Average low temperature: 75
Warmest ever: 104
Coldest ever: 45
Average precipitation: 4.36 in


Average high temperature: 93
Average low temperature: 75
Warmest ever: 106
Coldest ever: 64
Average precipitation: 4.54 in


Average high temperature: 89
Average low temperature: 72
Warmest ever: 101
Coldest ever: 50
Average precipitation: 5.62 in



Average high temperature: 82
Average low temperature: 62
Warmest ever: 96
Coldest ever: 33
Average precipitation: 5.26 in


Average high temperature: 73
Average low temperature: 53
Warmest ever: 90
Coldest ever: 25
Average precipitation: 4.54 in


Average high temperature: 65
Average low temperature: 47
Warmest ever: 84
Coldest ever: 9
Average precipitation: 3.78 in

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