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Houston Government & Education

Up to date resource for information regarding Houston's government and education agencies. Access links to polling information, licensing requirements, library branches and university listings.

Houston Tax Preparers
Tax preparation in Houston

FAQ about Back to School Fest 2011
FAQ about Back to School Fest 2011

Houston Community College
A profile of Houston Community College

Back to School: Required Immunizations
Information on the required immunizations for students in Houston

Passport Services FAQ
A FAQ about obtaining a passport in Houston

HISD Magnet Schools - HISD Magnet Program - Houston Independent School District
HISD Magnet Schools - HISD Magnet Program - Houston Independent School District

University of St. Thomas Profile
A Profile of the University of St. Thomas

Rice University Profile
A Profile of Rice University

Houston Colleges and Universities
A list of colleges and universities in the Houston area.

University of Houston Profile
A Profile of the University of Houston

FAQ:Texas Marriage License
FAQ regarding the process of applying for and purchasing a marriage license

Preparing for Hurricane Season
Everything you need to know to be prepared for hurricane season

How to Register to Vote in Texas
A series of questions and answers regarding Texas voter registration

Breaking down the Arizona Immigration Law
Need help disseminating Arizona Senate Bill SB 1070, also known as the controversial Arizona immigration law?

How To File For Unemployment Insurance In Texas
A Q&A that will help you figure out if you're eligible to file for unemployment insurance in Texas

Texas Handgun Licenses and Laws
Details about gun laws in Texas, including information about licenses, training and applying.

Texas Driver's License
How to renew (or apply for) a Texas Driver's license

How To Find Houston Jobs
Looking for jobs in Houston? Here's where you'll access to all the Houston jobs you'd ever want to apply for.

Houston Average Monthly Temperatures
A guide to Houston's average monthly temperatures

Effects of the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill on Texas
A basic guide to understanding the Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill

Advice from a Houston Car Accident Lawyer
Tips on what to do if you get into an auto accident from a Houston car accident lawyer

Is Medical Marijuana Legal In Texas?
Discussing whether or not medical marijuana should be legal in Texas

Swine Flu in Houston
The need-to-knows regarding Swine Flu in Houston and you.

The Sheriff Dilemma
A look at Tommy Thomas, Republican candidate in the race for Houston Sheriff.

City of Houston
The official site for Houston, this is the epicenter for any and all Houston government-related issues.

Off The Kuff
I don't know about you, but sometimes I like to read a well-written, thoroughly researched blog replete with solid ideas and viewpoints, and then totally pawn said ideas off as my own during casual conversations. And when I'm looking for something political to lift, Charles Kuffner's Off The Kuff is one of the first places I head.

Hurricane Recovery Network
If you or loved ones were hit with the brunt of Hurricane Ike's force like so many unfortunate Houstonians, here's where you should go for helpful advice and tips. Curiously, there's no "How do I tell my brother-in-law that it's time for him to go without seeming like a jerk?" link, which is the Ike-related issue currently most pertinent to me.

Harris County Appraisal District
Here's where you should go to find information regarding seemingly unfair taxing information so you can continue doing nothing about it like the rest of us.

Harris County Site
Harris is the dominant county in Houston, so this site may be a tad bit helpful.

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