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Halloween in Houston 2012

Houston's Haunted Houses, Pumpkin Patches, Costume Shops and More


Vicki Powers contributed to writing of this guide. Powers, a native Texan, is founder and writer of Houston on the Cheap, a site dedicated to sharing deals, discounts, and freebies for Houston entertainment, restaurants, and family fun.

Year after year, Halloween in Houston seems to get more and more involved and intense. Whether it be haunted houses, pumpkin patches, costume parties or just general candied-out debauchery, here's a guide to making sure you Houston Halloween night is a frightful success.

1. Halloween Haunted Houses

For you masochists out there, there are plenty of haunted houses around Houston that will satiate your thirsts. Hit up one of these houses to get the crud out of you. You'll want to go ahead and work on your "I Wasn't Crying, I Was..." excuses right now.

2. Pumpkin Patches

Picking your own pumpkin for Halloween is a right of passage that most kids partake. Visit one of these places and have your kids select their very own. And don't forget to rent a copy of that Charlie Brown movie. It's pretty much required by law.

3. Community Halloween Festivals

One of the fondest memories of Halloween I have involves the church festivals that my family and I would attend. Here are a few Halloween parties that you and yours can partake in. Have fun.

4. Halloween Parties and Events

Halloween parties have to be one of the more fun types of holiday parties to attend (certainly more so than a Flag Day party). Here's a little guide to some of the ones going on in and around town.

5. Places to Find Halloween Costumes in Houston

I was never a big dress-up guy for Halloween - and then I had kids. Now it's probably one of my favorite holiday activities of the year. Here are a few of the places the kids and I have gone to find their outfits.

6. Day of the Dead in Houston

This isn't necessarily a part of Halloween, but it falls close enough to October 31 to include it. Celebrate the lives of the loved ones you've lost on Day of the Dead at these Houston area locations.

7. Historically Haunted Buildings in Houston


If haunted houses and trick-or-treating leave you bored to tears, give the real deal a try when you explore one of the many landmarks in Houston rumored to be haunted. 

8. Unique Ways to Spend Halloween

Montrose Crawl
Zombie Walks, pub crawls and museum transformations are a few ways to spend the Halloween weekend in Houston. Tired of the old company Halloween bash? Skip it this year and attend one of these sure-to-entertain events.
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