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Top 10 Houston Holiday Activities

A listing of the ten best Houston holiday activities


Per usual, there are lots of great Houston Christmas events in 2009. Here’s a quick recap of the ten best family activities to help you celebrate Christmas in Houston this year.

Mayor's Holiday Celebration

Of course, you can celebrate with the mayor –whoever that will be—at the annual Mayor’s Holiday Celebration. There will be food, fireworks, music and holiday cheer in the form of the lighting of Houston’s official holiday tree. Yep, not a Christmas tree –a holiday tree.

Find the perfect Christmas tree

You can go Christmas tree hunting with the family. Here’s a pretty solid list of Christmas tree farms in Houston.

Dickens on the Strand in Galveston

The fine folks over at the Galveston Historical Foundation will be hosting their regular (and thoroughly entertaining) Dickens on the Strand event. This is a throwback to the nineteenth century cityscape, with costumed vendors, a petting zoo and the whole shebang. Great family fun.

Ice Skating in Houston

Get in some ice skating in between paying too much for sunglasses at The Galleria’s Ice Skating Rink. If you prefer to do your skating outdoors, Downtown’s Discovery Green Park can accommodate you.

Moddy Garden's Festival of Lights

While down in Galveston, you can also take in the Moody Gardens Festival of Lights. It’s basically a tour of some fancily lighted places. There’ll also be food available.

A Personalized Festival of Lights Tour

You can schedule your own festival lights with the help of Houston Christmas, a site that organizes the best lighting displays in the city. A little too much work for me, but surely some of you all out there are proactive enough to take advantage of this.

A Holiday Concert in Houston

You just know the Houston Symphony is going to hit you with some festive holiday musical fun. Upcoming shows include The Twelve Days of Christmas, Garrison Keillor’s Christmas and Very Merry Pops to name a few.

A Holiday Ballet in Houston

And to that point, the famed Houston Ballet will of course be throwing out the dancing holiday gauntlet, most notably in the form of The Nutcracker, which will run through December 27th. Balk if you want, but the ballet is a proper good time.

A Holiday Play in Houston

Poke around in Houston’s theater district and take in some great shows. Upcoming shows include A Christmas Carol, The Romantic Spirit and The Nutcracker to name a few. Lots going on here. Set your itinerary using this site .

Clear Lake's Holiday Boat Parade

Drive out to Clear Lake to take in the annual holiday boat parade that they do. The show is free for all and begins at 6 p.m. There will also be fireworks on display too, because a parade of boats isn’t quite dangerous enough.

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