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Valentine's Day 2013

Let us help you celebrate Valentine's Day 2013 like the winner you are


Valentine's Day in Houston can be a bit of a doozy. If you're not prepared, you'll end up with a terrible dinner table at a bad restaurant on your way to a boring show. This list here, however, will help you and your hopelessly romantic ways. There are suggestions for romantic restaurants in Houston, martini recipes and more.

1. Romantic Restaurants in Houston

Of course you'll want to visit one of the well-to-do romantic restaurants in Houston. Here you'll find a list of the eight best, including upscale steak houses, American cuisine, Jazz and more. Some enforce a dress code so be sure to check before lacing up those Chucks.

2. Restaurants in Downtown Houston

If you'd like to visit a classy restaurant, but prefer that it not make anyone want to fall in love, this list of fine restaurants in Downtown Houston will help. There are mexican restaurants, dive joints and a solid stop for Indian food.

3. Make a Sweetheart Martini

There are a few drinks that you can make for a woman (or vice versa) that are absolutely appropriate for Valentine's Day. This is one of them. Of course, the other one is...

4. Make a Chocolate Covered Strawberry Martini

...this one. Chocolate is good, strawberries are good, chocolate covered strawberries are great, and martinis are good. Deductive logic, then, tells us this should be amazing. Learn exactly how to make it here.

5. Ten Fresh Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day in Houston

Museum of Natural Science
Do you prefer to be a little less predictable with your Valentine's Day plans? Should penguins be a part of your evening? Or maybe a pontoon boat? This list has you covered.

6. Places in Houston to Buy Chocolate

Houston has a fine, fine roll call of chocolatiers (is that an actual word?). These are the five best places.

7. February Festivals for Valentine's Day

Galveston's version of Mardi Gras! and the Houston Auto Show highlight February's festivals. Make plans to attend one or a few as part of your Valentine's Day celebration.

8. Take Your Valentine's Day to Museum District

Houston Museum of Natural Science
Houston's stellar Museum District is nation-famous. If your sweetheart is a bit of a bookworm, take her there to peruse the ten museums that made the Best Museums in Houston list.

9. Shop for Adult Novelties


Really heat things up this Valentine's Day with a sexy gift. Better yet, make a date of it and shop together for something you'll both love.

10. See a Show

Getty Images
Upgrade dinner and a movie to dinner and a live show. This year, Alejandra Guzman will perform at the Arena Theater in southwest Houston.

11. Find Drop-In Childcare for Your Night Out

No family in town? Go-to sitters all booked up? No worries, this list of drop-in and hourly childcare centers has you covered.
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