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Top 20 Places To Have A Child's Birthday Party In Houston


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Dairy Ashford Roller Rink Party
Top 20 Places To Have A Child's Birthday Party In Houston
Dairy Ashford Roller Rink
Note: If you never attended a roller rink party as a kid, I highly suggest you do so. The world will seem a little bit brighter at the conclusion of it.

These guys have three packages available:

Ice Cream Package: Gets you ice cream, drinks, skate rentals for the skaters, 6 tokens (for games and whatnot) per skater, and the necessary party accessories such as forks, napkins, etc. ($11 per skater)

Hot Dog Package: For an extra buck per skater, you'll get hot dogs and chips rather than the cup of ice cream offered in the Ice Cream Package. Everything else is the same.

Pizza Package: Add another bucks, swap out the hot dogs and chips for pizza. You get the idea.

Reserve your space for a non-refundable $25. No cake is allowed inside if you have not reserved a party spot.

Dairy Ashford Roller Rink Site

Other Ideas That May Or May Not Be Related:

Children's Museum

I attended a party at the Children’s Museum and it was kind of neat, if not all that original. Plus, $250 isn’t a terrible price for a party that services up to 20 kids. You’ll receive a guided tour, a private room, a t-shirt for the birthday boy or girl, and a bouquet of balloons.

Houston Dynamo Party

If you’re kid is a soccer fan, this would be a super party. $272 gets a block of seats to a home game, an autographed soccer ball, a call from an actual Dynamo player, and a birthday announcement played over the video board during the game.

Reader's Respond: See what readers had to say about which places are the best to have a kid's birthday party.

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