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Who Will Win Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains?

Will Russell Hantz manuever his way to the top again?


Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians is the twentieth season of the Survivor reality show. It will feature ten former Survivors who displayed honor (the Heroes) and ten former Survivors who some might describe as being particularly dastardly and devious.

The Host

Jeff Probst has been the show’s host since its inception. He is also regularly seen on ESPN discussing sports.

The Hero Lineup

Jessica Kiper
Rupert Boneham
James Clement
Colby Donaldson
Cirie Fields
Amanda Kimmel
Stephenie LaGrossa
James “J.T.” Thomas, Jr.
Tom Westman
Candice Woodcock

Readers Respond: Will a Hero or a Villain win the Survivor title?

The Villain Lineup

Courtney Yates
Benjamin “Coach” Wade
Parvati Shallow
Rob “Boston Rob” Mariano
Jerry Manthey
Russel Hantz
Danielle DeLorenzo
Sandra Diaz-Twine
Randy Bailey
Tyson Apostol

People To Root For

Russell Hantz, the dynamic oil tycoon who finished runner up at Survivor: Samoa, is a native of Dayton, Texas. He is a self-made millionaire and father or four. He is, without question, the most devious Texan to wash up on the Survivor shore.

Colby Donaldson is the dreamy-eyed Texan who rose to reality TV fame after he appeared on Survivor: The Australian Outback. He too finished runner up. He also made an appearance on Survivor: All-Stars.

Randy Bailey is an Austinite who showed up on Survivor: Gabon. There’s no chance he wins this show. He’s too nice to be a quality villain, but too sneaky to be a good villain. Which leads into this next section….

Who Will Win Survivor: Heroes vs. Villians

Will Russell Hantz be able to slither his way back to the top. Will Colby Donaldson charm his way into the finals? Will it be someone who isn’t from Texas that takes the crown? Discuss it here:

Readers Respond: Who Do You Think Will Win Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains?

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