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Shea  Serrano

Shea Serrano

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For the past four years Shea Serrano has been semi-obsessed with experiencing everything the city has to offer; lucky for him, he's found a few publications and websites willing to pay him to do so.


Shea Serrano is a freelance writer living in Houston. He's a columnist for the Houston Press and Houston magazine. He's also written for the Village Voice, Filter magazine, URB magazine, Mental Floss magazine, Texas Observer, Dallas Observer, and a slew of other places.

By Shea Serrano:

Houston is by far the most underappreciated big city in the world. It's less smug than Paris, more hospitable than New York, and less Austin-y than, well, Austin. I'm extremely happy that people pay me to go out, experience its thorough greatness, and then write about it. I don't know if there's a much better job than that. Although, I suppose that if I could convince the aforementioned people to pay me to only do those first two things, that might be better.

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